4 Free agency mistakes the Philadelphia 76ers must avoid making

The Philadelphia 76ers will definitely have an eventful free agency, but they must avoid making these four mistakes.
76ers, Daryl Morey
76ers, Daryl Morey / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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4. Cost-cutting on actual team needs could be fatal

Sure, the 76ers have to be mindful about how they spread the wealth for their bevy of available roster spots, but that doesn’t mean cutting corners on every possible avenue. The teams has a hanfdul of obvious needs they have to address this offseason, and trying to be too economical in those areas will certainly doom them.

Among the team’s needs for next season are the forward rotation, a viable backup to Embiid and a spot starter at center, and backcourt complements to Maxey. Those aren’t easy to fill outright sans a star, but this year’s cast of free agents, while perceivable as a top-heavy one, boasts a slew of role players who should be plenty attractive for most teams.

In case there’s a bidding war, though, the 76ers should not waver and immediately head to cheaper commodities. As long as it’s reasonable, it shouldn’t hurt to try and outbid teams for, say, Andre Drummond, one of the best backup bigs in the league, or their very own free agent in Nicolas Batum, who will surely have some suitors should he decide to continue playing.

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