One free agent the 76ers should sign from each West playoff team

After listing the potential free agency targets for the Philadelphia 76ers from each East playoff team, we move to the teams that made the playoffs out West.
76ers, Nicolas Batum, Isaiah Joe
76ers, Nicolas Batum, Isaiah Joe / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Should Philly weaken an inter-conference rival by stealing Kentavious Caldwell-Pope?

Denver’s title defense is still alive and kicking, but the Nuggets also have some crucial decisions to make this offseason, starting with the fate of their starting shooting guard and resident 3-and-D cog in Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, who will certainly decline his player option to secure a longer and richer contract.

KCP would most likely prefer to stay in the Mile High City, but nothing’s guaranteed in free agency, where money rules. Should the 76ers miss out on their All-Star targets, one route they can take is to invest in high-end role players, and trying to outbid an inter-conference rival in the Nuggets could be pretty beneficial for their title cause.

Already a two-time NBA champion, Caldwell-Pope is a proven and battle-tested veterans with a defense-first approach to the game. He’ll be perfect as a complement to Tyrese Maxey in the backcourt, supplying much needed defensive acuity, steady three-point shooting, and poise during crunch time that this bunch so desires.