One free agent the 76ers should sign from each West playoff team

After listing the potential free agency targets for the Philadelphia 76ers from each East playoff team, we move to the teams that made the playoffs out West.
76ers, Nicolas Batum, Isaiah Joe
76ers, Nicolas Batum, Isaiah Joe / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Kyle Anderson could be the Batum replacement the 76ers need

Joel Embiid has given all indications, both expressed and implied, that he would like to have Nicolas Batum back next season. The Frenchman, who is currently already gearing up for the Paris Olympics, has been a rock solid addition to the team. However, he stated before the season began that he intends to retire after the Summer Games.

If so, Batum would leave a potentially gaping hole in Nick Nurse’s squad as he thrived as a do-it-all, low-usage connector. Having said that, the 76ers have multiple options to fill his role in free agency, starting with Kyle Anderson, a key rotation piece for a Minnesota Timberwolves team that is just one win away from a Conference Finals berth.

Anderson, fondly called Slo-Mo, is one of the headiest players in the association. Despite the lack of three-point shooting in his game, he manages to not be a liability thanks to his secondary playmaking, uncanny skill in attacking close outs and posting up in mismatches, and smart defense predicated on positioning and leveraging his length despite his speed limitations. Put simply, he’s a Nurse prototype who ca replicate, if not exceed, most of Batum’s offerings.