One free agent the 76ers should sign from each West playoff team

After listing the potential free agency targets for the Philadelphia 76ers from each East playoff team, we move to the teams that made the playoffs out West.
76ers, Nicolas Batum, Isaiah Joe
76ers, Nicolas Batum, Isaiah Joe / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
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4. Paul George, Philadelphia’s 2024 summer [not-so] pipe dream

At this juncture, the Paul George sweepstakes could boil down to just two teams: the LA Clippers and the Philadelphia 76ers. While the former is still justifiably considered as the favorite to retain the All-Star, their growing payroll and lack of playoff success to show for it could force them to start a more conservative approach to team-building, if not soft launch an impending rebuild.

The 76ers have the pecuniary ammo, on-court need, and win-now allure that could lure George into leaving Hollywood. Joel Embiid, for all his injury concerns, is still a more durable leader than the ever-absent Kawhi Leonard, and Tyrese Maxey inspires more confidence than a declining James Harden.

Few Big Threes in the NBA can match and size up with a hypothetical Embiid-Maxey-George trio. After all, while already 34, George remains an inarguable two-way force who can take over games with his shot creation, burn opponents as a high-volume, spot-up option, and capably defend the opponent’s best player.