One free agent the 76ers should sign from each West playoff team

After listing the potential free agency targets for the Philadelphia 76ers from each East playoff team, we move to the teams that made the playoffs out West.
76ers, Nicolas Batum, Isaiah Joe
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5. High-flyer Derrick Jones Jr. could thrive in the 76ers lair

The Dallas Mavericks are poised to make their second Conference Finals appearance in three years, thanks in large part to their much-improved team defense to balance out the nightly offensive explosions from the lethal 1-2 punch in Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving.

One player who’s helped the Mavericks have a more balanced attack this season is high-flyer Derrick Jones Jr., who’s been starting games for Dallas as one of their designated stoppers. The 27-year-old, formerly just a highlight reel darling, has definitely grown into a real on-court asset for his team.

Philadelphia, which is unlikely to retain Robert Covington, needs someone of the same ilk to assume the role of multi-positional defender next season. Jones, with his athleticism and lankiness, has become a highly effective stopper who can now hit the occasional three in addition to his trademark contribution to the team’s vertical spacing.