One free agent the 76ers should sign from each West playoff team

After listing the potential free agency targets for the Philadelphia 76ers from each East playoff team, we move to the teams that made the playoffs out West.
76ers, Nicolas Batum, Isaiah Joe
76ers, Nicolas Batum, Isaiah Joe / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
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7. D’Angelo Russell’s icy veins could gush harder with the 76ers

Fresh off an early playoff exit, the ever-unsatisfied Los Angeles Lakers will definitely remain on the hunt for a third star this season despite not really needing one. That’s just how LA works, especially with LeBron James starting to pressure the front office with his son already entering the draft.

According to recent reports, the Lakers are considering tendering D’Angelo Russell a big, short-term contract with the prime motive of smoothening the edges to make trading him much easier. However, Russell’s camp could — and should — prefer a lengthier deal that can give him more stability after years of being in the rumor mill.

As a Plan B, Philadelphia could see Russell as a worthwhile gamble in their quest to give Maxey an ideal running mate. The former All-Star turned in a successful season as LA’s third option, and even though the consensus isn’t high on his ceiling as a winning player, the numbers tell a different story.