3 Free agents the 76ers should sign after giving up on Paul George

The Philadelphia 76ers have reportedly given up on signing Paul George. Here are three free agents they should sign in his place.
76ers, Joel Embiid, Paul George
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2. DeMar DeRozan could be a steadier option for Philadelphia

The 76ers are in urgent need of more offensive reinforcements. Tobias Harris is as good as gone at this point, Kelly Oubre Jr. could have already priced himself out of Philly, and retaining Buddy Hield seems to be an arbitrary move following his quick disappearing act in the postseason. One player who has somehow gone under the radar that Daryl Morey and co. could look at is DeMar DeRozan.

Chicago appears to be slowly pivoting to a desperately needed rebuild, and DeRozan could be a casualty of that this offseason. Should the Bulls truly commit to a youth movement, the six-time All-Star would be much better off going to a win-now environment, and the 76ers have the role and the resources to lure him in.

Despite the lack of a three-point shot, DeRozan remains a highly efficient, high-volume shot creator with enough playmaking juice to advertise him as an eclectic piece. He’s a far superior scorer and passer to Harris, and while his defense vacillates from subpar to passable, his on-court deliverables on offense and veteran leadership should be more than enough to make him a nice asset for the 76ers.