5 Free agents the 76ers should have on their summer wish list

The Philadelphia 76ers will be among the league’s biggest spenders in free agency. Here are five free agents they should have on their summer wish list.

76ers, Paul George, Tobias Harris
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Possessing cap space reckoned to be the most robust in the league this upcoming offseason, the Philadelphia 76ers have a giant opportunity to give the roster a facelift around foundational stars Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey.

Over the last few months, the front office has done its earnest to maintain and even bolster its financial flexibility in anticipation of a lucrative binge-buying in free agency. And while this summer’s crop of free agents is not as deep compared to previous years, it is definitely one still spearheaded by proven talents and high-end role players at the very least.

To cover that ground, here are five free agents the 76ers should list high on their whiteboard.

5 Free agents the 76ers should have on their summer wish list

1. Paul George — SF/SG

Daryl Morey already fired off his notoriously barefaced star-hunting exploits before the trade deadline, so it’s a guarantee that Philadelphia’s brass will exhaust everything in their power to woo a third star to come to the city to round out a fearful troika with Embiid and Maxey.

A pipe dream free agent worth exploring is Paul Greorge. The Clippers seem committed to their current core after re-signing Kawhi Leonard, but their playoff fate could very well shift that should it end up in another disappointment, in large part due to how expensive it would be to sign George and James Harden to new deals.

Having said that, the 76ers should not shy away from even the small shard of possibility that the nine-time All-Star leaves LA. Philadelphia has long desired an All-NBA forward who can be a force on both ends, and George would inarguably raise the team’s floor and ceiling altogether amid a much stronger Eastern Conference.