4 free agents the 76ers should target to replace Buddy Hield

The Philadelphia 76ers have gotten absolutely nothing from Buddy Hield in the playoffs. Here are four upcoming free agents they should target to replace him.
76ers, Buddy Hield, Malik Monk
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Former All-Star Klay Thompson could offer more positional versatility for Philadelphia

Klay Thompson had the worst possible way to end a lengthy tenure with his team when he turned in a fat egg in their season-ending loss to the Kings in the play-in tournament. Now, the jury is a bit sour on the prospect of him returning to Golden State, and the former All-Star should be considered as a pretty obtainable option for teams with cap space.

Despite his decline this season from an offensive standpoint, the 76ers have a reasonable place for him on the roster, as long as there won’t be any price gouging involved in acquiring him. He was actually very productive when realigned to a bench role midway through the season, and overall, he projects as someone who can thrive on an environment where he’s not a primary or even a secondary option.

Perhaps the biggest edge Thompson has over Hield, of course, is his championship pedigree as one of the most battle-tested veterans in the league. Furthermore, the former offers a ton more positional versatility than the latter — a department which the 76ers will have to address in light of Kelly Oubre Jr., Nicolas Batum, and Tobias Harris’ potential and/or likely departures.