4 free agents the 76ers should target to replace Buddy Hield

The Philadelphia 76ers have gotten absolutely nothing from Buddy Hield in the playoffs. Here are four upcoming free agents they should target to replace him.
76ers, Buddy Hield, Malik Monk
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Doug McDermott could be a bang for the buck option for the 76ers

Speaking of pure sharpshooters, should the 76ers aim for a rotation filler who is guaranteed to be on the less expensve side in free agency, they should look no further than Doug McDermott, a 10-year veteran who’s made a living off of being a precise gunner over the years.

A 41 percent career three-point shooter, McDermott is routinely among the league leaders in efficiency from beyond the arc. He’s one of the best off-ball movers in the NBA, particularly proficient in coming off screens and relocating to get himself in position for drive-and-kick outlets. He’s also an adept finisher in the paint, capitalizing on his uncanny skill for cutting through open lanes.

McDermott offers little else outside of three-point shooting and is widely known as a poor defender, but he’s unlikely to combust the team when given limited court time, which is exactly the kind of role he is and should be getting. In addition, he can give the 76ers additional depth in the forward position, which projects to be a blank canvass after their season ends.

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