New 76ers intel signals a disappointing Daryl Morey move that could enrage fans

The latest intel on the Philadelphia 76ers suggests that the front office could make a disappointing choice that could enrage fans.
76ers President Daryl Morey
76ers President Daryl Morey / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

The Philadelphia 76ers have been among the most trigger-happy teams when it comes to pulling off franchise-altering moves in recent memory. But in all fairness to their decision-makers, most of their maneuvers have culminated into and cultivated great products — a testament to the team’s brass knowing exactly when to pull the plug on things that simply don’t work.

Daryl Morey, president of basketball operations for the 76ers, is the one at the forefront of the rally. His fallout with James Harden shed some negative light on his career as an executive, but he managed to set the franchise up toward a better present and future by extracting the maximum return for the disgruntled star while optimizing the deck for Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey, the two franchise pillars.

That being said, Morey isn’t immune from criticism. His vision as a roster-builder has always been that of an optimizer than a sustainer. But away from the generic, the latest spill on the team’s current plans points to a disappointing choice that could enrage fans in Philly.

New 76ers intel signals a disappointing Daryl Morey move that could enrage fans

Blending in what the 76ers got for Harden, their barrage of expiring contracts, and their sheer posturing, that the team is constantly at the crux of the rumor mill flabbergasts no one. Most conspicuous in that tale is veteran Tobias Harris, who will finally come off the books next year in what is anticipated to be a period of lavishing for the franchise.

However, recent intel suggests that Morey and company are recalcitrant toward cashing in on their financial situation and advancing an expected change a few months earlier.

Keith Pompey, a 76ers beat writer for The Philadelphia Inquirer, revealed that the 76ers do not intend to trade Harris at this juncture, taking out a player who can easily match the salaries of star players expected to eventually become available before the trade deadline.

If Philly maintains this stance, fans — and pundits — who believe that the team should capitalize on the happenstance surrounding Harris could be in for a discouraging development months from now. The trade market this season is widely expected to be hoarded with talent, and multiple reports have already popped up linking the team to various candidates.

Criticism on Harris has admittedly become too selective for the most part as he’s still logging his most efficient season yet and has thrived as a tertiary option when his role remains where it’s slotted. However, the 76ers’ need for his strengths has become macerated by the team’s litany of other scoring options and their more pressing need for defensive reinforcements.

Quite frankly, the Philadelphia 76ers will have a much smoother sail this season if they remain aggressive and proactive on extracting useful help for Tobias Harris. After all, staying put nods to a conservative approach, and that is simply untenable considering how good the team has looked so far with Embiid and Maxey at the front seat.

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