3 Fringe 76ers players who deserve to return in 2024-25

The Philadelphia 76ers will shoot for the big stars in free agency, but here are three players on the current roster who deserve to return to the team next season.
76ers, Cameron Payne
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3 Fringe 76ers players who deserve to return in 2024-25

2. Robert Covington

As we mentioned just a while aback, Robert Covington failed to position himself for a great payday this summer. His injury concerns quickly sent him down the drain, but his magnified weaknesses on offense this season have put a dent on his perceived on-court value.

Having said that, Covington remains an infectious defensive presence. Still capable and adept at guarding most, if not all positions, there remains a pressing need for his acumen on the less glamorous end of the floor as one of the league’s best patrol defenders.

Tobias Harris is likely to play elsewhere, Nicolas Batum is a flight risk due to the threat of retirement, and KJ Martin is a near-lock to be let go by Philly’s brass. All of these collaborate to give the 76ers a gaping hole in the forward positions, and regardless if they successfully snag their biggest fish in free agency, Covington would be a great depth piece to shore up the rotation.