76ers just pulled out a brutal reverse card on all-time quitter

The Philadelphia 76ers just pulled out a brutal reverse card on this all-time quitter.
76ers, Daryl Morey
76ers, Daryl Morey / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia 76ers landed the biggest fish of free agency right out of the gates by snagging Paul George off the market, ultimately giving them that desired third star to potentially send them to the thunder dome.

Daryl Morey once again scores a hattrick, but signing Paul George isn’t just a win for the franchise, but also for him on an individual level. We’re not even a full year removed from the longtime executive getting major flak for a certain someone’s summer-long tirade, so this must be vindication for the 76ers’ head poncho.

76ers pulls out brutal reversal on James Harden

Many are doubting the 76ers handing George a max contract at age-34, but regardless of the divided opinions, the franchise can afford an overpay at this juncture. Oh, and are we sure those converse takes aren’t coming from a bitter conduit (ahem, James Harden defenders)?

To those who need a refresher, Morey refused to hand Harden a max extension last year after an alleged promise to that effect, leading the All-Star to explicitly lash out against the 76ers president and request a trade.

Unfortunately for Harden, in acquiring George, his teammate last season, Morey eventually comes out as the victor in this equation. Not only did the 76ers tender George that max extension Harden and his camp so desired, but the former Sixer is now stuck in a Clippers team that has the makings of a broken map.

Even more painstaking, Harden took it upon himself (or did he?) to settle for another big discount to the tune of two years and $70 million, hardly a commensurate figure for a player of his caliber and pedigree.

Meanwhile, George now joins a 76ers team with an inside track to at least make the Conference Finals. And behind the scenes, Daryl Morey is probably out there having a good chuckle or two about the sheer irony of the situation.

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