4 Realistic stars the 76ers should trade for this offseason

The Philadelphia 76ers were recently linked to some big names expected to be available this summer, but here are four realistic stars they should trade for.
76ers, Brandon Ingram, Kyle Lowry
76ers, Brandon Ingram, Kyle Lowry / Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports
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Barring a drastic, gut-wrenching curveball thrown their way, the Philadelphia 76ers are very likely to make the playoffs this season, While the team will have to pass the play-in test as currently positioned, it’s a near-certainty that the franchise will still have something to play for in their current campaign.

Having said that, there’s also a lot to look forward to in the offseason. In fact, the 76ers were already linked to a couple of big names tossed around in the rumor mill. Rumors are plain guesswork though, and fans would probably prefer to have actual options. Hence, here are four realistic stars the team should trade for this offseason.

76ers trading for Brandon Ingram would balance out the roster and enhance their ceiling

The Brandon Ingram experience has been a pretty pleasant one for the Pelicans for the most part. After all, the one-time All-Star has steadily improved each season, emerging as one of the best all-around forwards in the league for his upstart squad.

That he’s constantly sandwiched in between trade rumors for the past few years, however, is pretty telling of what the league’s opinion is on the Ingram-Zion Williamson dynamic that New Orleans is brewing. Both players, All-Star in their own right, don’t have have the most seamless of fits together, and the Pelicans have seen success with just Zion being the head poncho instead of sharing the top hat.

Depending on how they fare in the playoffs, the Pelicans should seriosly consider trying to get their money’s worth for Ingram. In that case, Philadelphia could be an enticing trade partner, as the 76ers tout the necessary demand for the 26-year-old’s skill set to potentially lull them into trading their draft capital. Ingram, who can play three positions, will be a massive upgrade over the expiring Tobias Harris and retirement-bound Nicolas Batum.

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