4 Recently traded players the 76ers should regret missing out on

The Philadelphia 76ers had an eventful trade deadline, but they should have tried acquiring these four recently traded players themselves.
Kelly Olynyk, 76ers
Kelly Olynyk, 76ers / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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4 Recently traded players the 76ers should’ve traded for

4. Bojan Bogdanovic (Detroit to New York)

Even the best clairvoyants wouldn’t have predicted that the Knicks would somehow land Bojan Bogdanovic, one of, if not the best available role player in the market, without surrendering a first-round pick. They did anyway, and New York easily won the trade deadline as they just bolstered their chances of going on a deep playoff run.

No offense to Buddy Hield, whom the 76ers also acquired for a bargain, but the Pistons didn’t get much more for Bogdanovic than Hield even if you account for Quentin Grimes as Detroit also sent out Alec Burks, a popular name in the market. Who’s to say that Philly’s brass wouldn’t have seduced Detroit with a single first-round pick?

With the 76ers badly needing shot creation and three-point shooting, especially without Embiid, Bogdanovic would’ve been an ideal player to forcibly cudgel into a prominent scoring option. After all, the team does have the necessary defenders to mask his weaknesses and he would’ve remained a perfect fit even when Embiid returns from injury.

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