76ers Rumors: Philly eyeing trade for these two All-Stars this summer

The Philadelphia 76ers are rumored to pursue these two All-Stars as trade targets this summer.
76ers, Daryl Morey
76ers, Daryl Morey / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia 76ers may be going fishing after getting eliminated from the playoffs, but the real work conversely starts for the front office. And armed with a deep war chest of assets they can leverage to bolster the roster, the league-wide expectation is that the franchise will likely be the most active club this offseason.

Thanks to the expected mass exodus of their cap-sapping and outgoing free agents, the 76ers stand to have one of, if not the strongest spending power in the league. In fact, the rumor mill has already started its course for Philly, as Daryl Morey and company were recently linked to two big names they could pursue this summer.

76ers rumored to be eyeing a trade for All-Star forwards Jimmy Butler and Brandon Ingram

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, the 76ers could make a move for either Jimmy Butler and Brandon Ingram, both All-Star forwards. While Paul George remains on top of their list, those two were floated as potential options for Philadelphia.

Butler, who just missed the postseason for the Miami Heat due to an injury, is signed for at least another season, as he has a player option he could exercise or decline prior to the 2025-26 season. His numbers this season were relatively modest, but he’s always been a terrific playoff performer who has led the Miami Heat to two NBA Finals appearances in the last four years.

However, the six-time All-Star, who notably spent a chunk of the 2018-19 season in Philadelphia, is also reported to be seeking a hefty extension this summer. Alas, it’s also unlikely for the Heat’s brass to even entertain offers for him save for an offer they can’t decline. Unfortunately, none of the 76ers’ towable assets even come close to appearing tempting for Miami.

On the flip side, Brandon Ingram could be a more realistic option should they blunder on George. He’s signed for just another year (opening the prospect of a sign-and-trade), and even better, New Orleans will likely be warm to the idea of flipping him as they retool their roster around Zion Williamson.

An All-Star in 2020, Ingram has the makings to be an attractive third fiddle next to Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey. he can score from anywhere, handle the playmaking load for longer stretches, and capably defend when engaged.

Ultimately, while the 76ers would strongly prefer signing Paul George, it appears that other options will be available for the franchise. Hopefully, the front office can hit their targets this summer and build a better roster for next season and beyond.

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