5 Sleeper free agents who make a ton of sense for the 76ers

After the passing of free agency’s early wave, here are five sleeper free agents who could be game-changers for the Philadelphia 76ers.
76ers, Marcus Morris
76ers, Marcus Morris / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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Most signings have become official by now with the Philadelphia 76ers already having inked Paul George and company to new deals. One might think that the 2024 free agency is basically over with most top-end free agents now plucked off the market, but there are still a bunch of available players still looking to find a home for next season.

The 76ers front office have to stretch hard in the financial gymnastics side of things to fill out the roster, and while their main entries in their whiteboard are now off the board, here are five sleeper free agencts who make a ton of sense for the team.

5. Philadelphia’s own Marcus Morris would be a great minimum signing for the 76ers

Philadelphia native Marcus Morris Sr. played the first half of last season with the 76ers before getting shipped at the trade deadline. But despite playing a more meager role than before, he was an active part of Nick Nurse’s rotation, playing as a backup forward and a small-ball center in spurts.

Still unsigned, the 76ers should explore the possibility of bringing the 13-year veteran in as a minimum signing, which they will have to fully utilize moving forward. While not a starting caliber forward anymore, he still brings reliable spot-up three-point shooting (40.3 percent last season), size at a position of need, and a gritty presence in the locker room.

Outside of Paul George, the team only have undersized wings masquerading as forwards. Morris may not be an ideal key rotation piece for a team that wants to contend for a championship, but his skill set is pretty easy to integrate anyway, and fans would definitely love to root for another hometown hero.