4 Tempting but risky free agents the 76ers should absolutely avoid

The Philadelphia 76ers have a ton of money to spend this offseason, but these four tempting free agents are not worth pursuing.
76ers, Klay Thompson
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No other win-now franchise in the NBA will enjoy more spending power than the Philadelphia 76ers this offseason. Hence, for players largely looking for a shot at the championship, the team should be a popular destination with the likes of Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey in for the long ride.

Some names, big or modest, come off as sleek fits within the team’s dynamic. However, there are some who, while tempting to pursue, are concurrently risky commodities. Here are four free agents whom the 76ers should ultimately steer clear from.

4. Gordon Hayward should be a big no-no for the 76ers

In theory, Gordon Hayward fits the archetype of a player who would thrive in a more streamline role as a connector. However, while the former All-Star still has those stylings, his most recent stint in OKlahoma City is an icy indication of his waning effectiveness.

At age 34, Hayward will be best catered coming off the bench. He has the gravitas to somehow command considerable money, and if so, prusuing him would be pointless given the bevy of cheaper alternatives in the market at his position. Oh, and don’t get us started on his extensive injury history, which is also a deterrent in and of itself.

Hayward’s reluctance to embrace a featured second-unit role is also concerning, In fact, it was the primary reason behind his benching with the Thunder. And unless he proves that he can still show glimpses of his efficient, all-around play from the yesteryears even in limited servings, signing a relatively costly bench piece would not just be risky, but also probably unwise.