76ers trade for all-around scorer, upgrade their backcourt in proposed deal

The Philadelphia 76ers upgrade their backcourt by trading for this all-around scorer in this trade proposal.
Tyrese Maxey, 76ers
Tyrese Maxey, 76ers / Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports
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Following a three-game skid, the Philadelphia 76ers have returned to playing impressive basketball, having won four straight games against teams currently in the postseason picture. Joel Embiid’s play has injected some much-needed boost to their winning cause, but guard Tyrese Maxey has also been a defining factor, averaging 26.3 points and 6.3 assists per outing during that stretch.

Come February, Maxey should be a first-time All-Star repping Philly in Indianapolis. There’s only one guard who has had a more impressive season out East this season (hint: he’s another Tyrese), and while he may not start according to the latest voting returns, he’s poised to make it in as a reserve.

The Philadelphia 76ers should continue looking for backcourt help

The 76ers are led by Maxey in the backcourt, but the front office has no reason to deem it the rightful configuration if they want to truly contend this season. Beyond him, the team is banking on role players to hold down the fort when he takes a breather — a not-so-inspiring formula considering his injury history and how well-rounded their rivals are when it comes to their backcourts.

As a result, Philadelphia should remain on the market for backcourt help before the trade deadline, which is starting to inch closer. Here is one trade proposal that has them snagging an all-around scorer to help the team out off the bench or as Maxey’s potential backcourt mate.