76ers trade for all-around scorer, upgrade their backcourt in proposed deal

The Philadelphia 76ers upgrade their backcourt by trading for this all-around scorer in this trade proposal.
Tyrese Maxey, 76ers
Tyrese Maxey, 76ers / Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports
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Why the 76ers should not trade for Bogdan Bogdanovic

For all the merits that come with adding Bogdanovic, the 76ers need no more infusion of offense. They have the the sixth-best offense in the league, which could be a lot better had Embiid not missed a considerable amount of games. Clearly, they’re fine on that end.

Investing on Bogdanovic just seems duplicitous. They already have Kelly Oubre Jr. on the roster who, despite slowing down, offers more defensive upside over the defensively challenged (or unpredisposed) Bogdanovic. Tobias Harris has been more than enough as a tertiary option. The attendant effect of having to take away from their best connectors in Nicolas Batum, Melton, and Patrick Beverley is unlikley to please anyone.

Sure, there is minimal risk in striking a deal for the seven-year veteran, but there is also minimal benefit to adding him when considering what the 76ers have to give up on both the assets and minutes department. The 76ers are already cemented on their pecking order on offense. Trying to forcibly shoehorn another mouth to feed is a gamble.

Grade: A-

Nevertheless, the pros of trading for Bogdan Bogdanovic far outweigh the cons, which are purely theoretical at this juncture. Not only is he a surefire floor-raiser for the team this season, but he is also someone they can keep for the foreseeable future as a cheap tertiary cog who should stand as one of the best role players in the league.

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