76ers trade for six-time All-Star & prized veteran in wild proposal

The Philadelphia 76ers go all-in this season and trade for a former All-Star and a prized veteran despite Joel Embiid’s injury in this mock deal.
Joel Embiid, 76ers
Joel Embiid, 76ers / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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Why the 76ers should go all-in for DeRozan and Caruso

The prospect of Joel Embiid returning this season is not a vain hope, at least not yet. The recent report points to him and his camp still contemplating the possibility of resting and doing rehab as opposed to going under the knife which would potentially sideline him for quite a while, which is perhaps a tad generous given the circumstances.

If Embiid isn’t ruled out for the year, the 76ers are incentivized to go all-in. They are not in the market for players who would sap their cap space, but would definitely go after players who could serve as upgrades without being a thorn financially. DeRozan and Caruso exactly fit that mold.

DeRozan has regressed a bit from his first two seasons donning Bulls colorways, but he remains a lethal scorer with more than sufficient all-around capacity. His three-point shot has become an actual weapon, his mid-range game is still uncannily effective, he’s become a steady and reliable playmaker in the half-court, and his defense is fine when locked in. Even for a rental, he’d give Philly a hell of a scorer on the secondary who can slide into a bigger or lesser role when needed. His playoff experience also cannot be understated.

Caruso, on the other hand, would instantly bolster a 76ers team expected to drop off defensively sans their defensive anchor in Embiid. He’s not a rim protector by any stretch, but his presence on the floor is encompassing — he is a pest on the passing lanes, a hellish one-on-one defender, a malleable stopper who can guard multiple positions, and someone who can lead the defense which is unique for a player of his stature. Unlike DeRozan, he isn’t a rental, and has a bargain deal that wouldn’t be a pain to absorb at all.