76ers trade for the best role player available in this harmless proposal

The Philadelphia 76ers trade for the arguably the best role player available in the market in this harmless proposal.
76ers, Tyrese Maxey
76ers, Tyrese Maxey / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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76ers trade for Alex Caruso in this harmless proposal

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In this trade proposal from Bleacher Report, the Philadelphia 76ers acquire veteran guard Alex Caruso from the Chicago Bulls for a 2026 first-round pick (the worst between the Thunder, Rockets, and Clippers), and this year’s second-round pick originally owed by Chicago to Philly in what’s essentially a recoup.

Caruso, who was once again named to the All-Defensive Team this season, has long been a hot commodity for win-now teams for quite some time now. Chicago has been steadfast in holding down the horses, opting to keep him despite potential and seemingly willing overpays, but one has to wonder about how much longer the Bulls brass intends to keep its act.

The truth is, there is simply no viable path for Chicago to be a playoff contender the way they’re currently constructed. It’s no secret that Bulls fans have been clamoring for a tear-down since last season, and if they come to their senses, they should eventually turn into big sellers this offseason. Should the 76ers bite? Let’s zoom in on this deal a bit more.