76ers trade for the best role player available in this harmless proposal

The Philadelphia 76ers trade for the arguably the best role player available in the market in this harmless proposal.
76ers, Tyrese Maxey
76ers, Tyrese Maxey / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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Why the 76ers should trade for Alex Caruso

Alex Caruso has a pretty straightforward offering to the game of basketball: defense. Easily one of the league’s best defenders regardless of position from both the eye test and a numbers standpoint, his point-preventing prowess has basically been his biggest selling point for teams, a calling card of his that’s potent enough to make them willing to overpay.

In this proposed trade framework though, the 76ers don’t seem to be slated for a questionable largesse. A first-round pick has long been the perceived ballpark figure to kickstart discussions with the Bulls for Caruso, and sweetening the pot with a second-round selection that was Chicago’s to begin with barely casts a scratch.

Beyond his player sketch and the prognosticated (again, prognosticated) ease to acquire him though, Caruso makes too much sense for the 76ers. The 30-year-old is arguably the best, true role player in the NBA, and his fit next to Tyrese Maxey and within the team’s dynamic is virtually spotless.

Aside from his well-documented mastery of defense, Caruso is a functional offensive retrofit who should be able to thrive as a last resort. He’s a career 38 percent three-point shooter, and his 3.5 assists per game average this season despite playing next to ball-dominant options hints at his quick decision-making and overall efficiency as a secondary playmaker.