4 Trade candidates the 76ers should scrap and put on the trash bin

After striking their names out on one big sweepstakes, the Philadelphia 76ers should scrap and put these four trade candidates on the trash bin.
76ers, Tyrese Maxey, Zach LaVine
76ers, Tyrese Maxey, Zach LaVine / David Banks-USA TODAY Sports
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4. Philadelphia shouldn’t grant Jerami Grant’s unspoken departure wish

The Portland Trail Blazers resisted holding a complete teardown this season, but that’s most likely not going to be the case anymore this summer. While they probably have the in-house talent to win more games than they did last season, there’s little point in doing so, the same way there’s no reason for them to hold onto veteran commodities like Jerami Grant.

Grant, who signed a pretty lucrative deal last summer, hasn’t given any indications that he would like to be traded away from Portland, but a departure makes the most sense for him and his team. He’s still one of the best high-end starters in the NBA, but he simply saps too much court time, opportunity, and money from a team that could use a ground zero slate.

A potential destination, you say? Well, not the 76ers. Should Philadelphia strike out on finding that third star, the franchise would be best served balancing out their roster — something they would be incapable of doing if they trade for a very expensive, non-star like Jerami Grant who, despite being a potentially great fit, has a huge opportunity cost attached to the prospect of acquiring him.

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