4 Realistic trade deadline targets for the 76ers and what they'd cost

The trade deadline is just a few days away. Here are four realistic trade targets for the Philadelphia 76ers along with their expected price tags.
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The Philadelphia 76ers were the first team to make a big shakeup this season with the James Harden trade, and while something of that magnitude would be hard to replicate for the franchise at this juncture, you can count on the front office to spot windows of opportunity where they can pounce in the trade market.

With the trade deadline rapidly approaching, it’s only a matter of time before the 76ers move the glass and force their way into the headlines in some capacity. After all, Philly is not surrendering yet despite Joel Embiid’s injury, and the team’s confidence in its chances should he come back with an improved roster is justified.

The 76ers have some areas they’d want to address, but here are four realistic trade deadline targets they should set their sights on.

4 Realistic trade targets for the 76ers and what they'd cost

1. Buddy Hield

Pacers sharpshooter Buddy Hield was linked to Philadelphia numerous times in the summer and early in the season. With an expiring contract, Indiana’s brass has made him available for plucking for quite some time now, and theirdeep cast of young players needing minutes almost guarantee a trade to flip him for something before the deadline.

Hield’s shooting has cooled off in recent weeks, but he remains a very lethal volume three-point shooter with an all-around scoring profile enough not to brand him as a mere specialist. Should the 76ers pursue him, they should have some competitors, though his price tag should have waned by now.

Philly’s offense has been among the best ones this season, but with Embiid out for the foreseeable future, any help in that department should be welcomed. That includes Hield, who will be an instant boost to a 76ers team losing the best scorer in the league and ranking in the bottom-five in three-pointers made per game.

Cost: Salary fillers & multiple second-round picks