4 Realistic trade deadline targets for the 76ers and what they'd cost

The trade deadline is just a few days away. Here are four realistic trade targets for the Philadelphia 76ers along with their expected price tags.
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4 Realistic trade targets for the 76ers and what they'd cost

4. Monte Morris

Should the Tyus Jones bidding war prove to be too expensive and crowded for the 76ers’s liking, Monté Morris wouldn’t be a bad alternative. The market for his services hasn’t been nowhere as lurid as Jones’, but he should garner some attention as another low-cost backup point guard for teams in need of backcourt help.

Detroit will undoubtedly trade Morris, who has only appeared in five games this season due to injury and has played a minuscule role off the bench. He’s clearly still hampered by post-injury rust, but the 28-year-old remains a serviceable backup.

Morris has also been among the league leaders in assist-to-turnover ration in recent years, functioning best as a low-volume playmaker who complements high-usage guards. He profiles as a snug fit next to Tyrese Maxey, who will definitely benefit from having more leeway as a pure scorer with Embiid out.

For the cost, Morris should be an inexpensive get, needing only salary fillers and perhaps a single second-rounder to get things done.

Cost: Salary filler & a second-round pick

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