3 Realistic trade destinations where the 76ers can send Tobias Harris

Tobias Harris
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3 Realistic trade destinations where the 76ers can send Tobias Harris

2. Washington Wizards

Washington has a 3-19 record, firmly slotted at the nadir of the association with the skidding Detroit and San Antonio. However, the Wizards are actually objectively the worst in that woeful triumvirate, as unlike the Spurs (who have Victor freaking Wembanyama and a renowned player development program) and the Pistons (who at least have tenable franchise cornerstones even if not necessarily centerpieces), they only have…Kyle Kuzma and Jordan Poole?

No offense to Bilal Coulibaly and Deni Avdija, but the Wizards are like deer in the headlights in that they, as a franchise, has zero clue about their direction. Still, they have pieces that could thrive as role players elsewhere, such as Philadelphia.

For all of Kuzma’s faults and razzmatazz, he’s an experienced player who can and should flourish in a more streamlined role. Tyus Jones as a starter has been average at best, but Tyus Jones as a floor general off the bench is a proven table-setter who can tremendously increase the floor of a second unit. The Wizards still have something they can give to the 76ers, though the latter would be the one to compensate them in this case.

Like Chicago, taking on Harris’ expiring deal is a gateway toward a complete reboot for them next year — a disposition they should have already assumed since the flip of the decade.

Possible returns: Kyle Kuzma and Tyus Jones or Daniel Gafford