3 Realistic trade destinations where the 76ers can send Tobias Harris

Tobias Harris
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3 Realistic trade destinations where the 76ers can send Tobias Harris

3. Detroit Pistons

From two free-falling franchises to another, the Pistons are also a potential trade destination for Tobias Harris. Detroit has been horrible to begin the season and are currently mired in a dreadful 20-game losing streak. Roster deficiencies and questionable coaching have collaborated to create the most miserable on-court product this season, and an answer to their quagmire seems too far to augur.

Of course, trading for Harris is not a cure for whatever’s going on in Detroit, but trading some of their players not part of their core yet signed to multi-year deals is common sense at this point. And the 76ers can help facilitate that if they demand reasonable asking prices for their veterans.

One player potentially at the crux of a deal for Philly is forward Bojan Bogdanovic, a bona fide three-level scorer who has a high basketball IQ and compensates for his below average foot speed and athleticism on both ends with effort and finesse. A two-player swap (with assets from Philly, of course) wouldn’t work, but Detroit houses other battle-tested players whom the 76ers could be interested in.

Joe Harris, when healthy, is a lethal sharpshooter who isn’t a total liability on defense. One-time Sixer Alec Burks and Monte Morris are heady veterans who can bring viable depth to the backcourt. Even James Wiseman, who’s coming off the books anyway, can be intriguing as a rental backup big if Paul reed and Mo Bamba continue to underwhelm. Put simply, the 76ers can get creative with the Pistons.

Possible returns: Bojan Bogdanovic and Joe Harris or a combination of Alec Burks, Monte Morris, or James Wiseman

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