Grade the Trade: 76ers acquire Lauri Markkanen and shake up the NBA in wild pitch

The Philadelphia 76ers trade for Lauri Markkanen and shake up the NBA in this wild proposal. Let’s grade it.
76ers, Lauri Markkanen
76ers, Lauri Markkanen / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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With free agency set to officially open today, the Philadelphia 76ers can finally approach the open market without any inhibitions. Armed with the league’s most robust cap space, the front office will have more than enough ammo for a massive roster facelift, a much-needed venture following their continuous playoff disappointments.

The 76ers have been a popular customer in the rumor mill, but so far, nothing has materialized yet. Most of their rumored targets are now profiled as unrealistic gets, making their third-star wishlist a lot shorter at this juncture.

Can the 76ers still trade for a third star?

Luckily for Philly, one big name has just reportedly become available to an extent: Lauri Markkanen. The All-Star has previously been tagged as untouchable in trades, but the Utah Jazz have started to show signs of cozying up to the idea of truly bottoming out by flipping their lone star for assets they can use to build for the future.

Markkanen, who was also the Most Improved Player last season, has become one of the best feel-goos stories in the NBA in the two previous campaigns. On paper, he stands as a perfect fit for the 76ers, but is there a legitimate avenue to entice the Jazz into a deal? Here is a wild trade proposal that may just get the job done.