76ers: Analyst proposes stunning trade that sends LeBron James to Philly

An analyst pitched in some trade destinations for LeBron James's with the Philadelphia 76ers making the list.
LeBron James, Joel Embiid
LeBron James, Joel Embiid / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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With the current trade market shaping up to be a risky one to gamble on for the Philadelphia 76ers, the odds of the front office opting for a more docile approach has increased. After all, the franchise has the resources to instead resort to free agency as the primary means to bolster the roster and bring it closer to a championship.

That being said, certain players in the NBA are rarely available and usually deemed untouchable. That includes those who are truly considered as bona fide 1A guys — Hall-of-Fame bound players who have proven they can be the main linchpin on numerous title teams. One of them is Lakers forward LeBron James, who’s widely considered to be one of the best to ever lace it up.

Can the 76ers knock on the Lakers’ door for LeBron James?

James has always been the biggest shifter of the NBA’s landscape, as seen in his stints in Cleveland and Miami. With Los Angeles, things are no different, though he hasn’t been nearly successful with the Lakers even though he won a title in 2020.

As of writing, the Lakers have posted a 19-20 record which has them in a deadlock for 10th place in teh Western Conference. That’s a meager win-loss card considering the amount of talent on the roster, the fact that they are just coming off a WCF appearance, and the consensus belief that the franchise had one of the most productive offseasons in the entire association.

So, while LeBron has never been traded, that possibility could start looming. Should the 76ers knock on LA’s ample yet sturdy doors for a shot at pitching an offer for the King?