76ers: Analyst proposes stunning trade that sends LeBron James to Philly

An analyst pitched in some trade destinations for LeBron James's with the Philadelphia 76ers making the list.

LeBron James, Joel Embiid
LeBron James, Joel Embiid / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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Should the 76ers go all-in on a potential LeBron James trade?

Winning a championship takes utmost primacy in the entire operations circuit of the Philadelphia 76ers franchise. Having last won the title more than four decades ago, the urge has never been stronger for the franchise to break out of its lengthy drought.

Truth be told, the 76ers remain unfavored to even make the Conference Finals. While Joel Embiid is playing like a superhuman and Tyrese Maxey has been one of the best second-in-commands in the league, the competition has never been stronger. Boston seems like the team to beat. Milwaukee remains potent after a retooling. Denver, the defending champions, has the best player on the planet.

That being said, should the 76ers somehow land LeBron James, they should have a much better bid to come out on top. A tremendous floor-raiser and ceiling-raiser, the four-time NBA champion has the poise and exprience this team needs to get over the hump. Even if many consider him to be a shell of his former self, the drop-off hasn’t really been significant. He’s still quite easily an All-NBA caliber player and a borderline MVP candidate at best.

The best thing about James donning a 76ers uniform is him seamless fit on the roster. He’ll be a drastic upgrade over Tobias Harris as a scorer and would instantly rise as the best passer on the team, which is actually an area of improvement for Philly.

Ultimately, a trade of the sorts should be a no-brainer and any elongated speech is unnecessary. Even if it costs the 76ers their entire crest of draft picks, trading for someone who will probably go down as the best player to ever grace the hardwood is worth it. After all, it gives them the best chance at winning the chip.

However, does this proposal really make sense for the Lakers?