The biggest trade the Philadelphia 76ers will regret not doing this season

The Philadelphia 76ers look foolish for giving up on this trade before the deadline.

76ers, Joel Embiid
76ers, Joel Embiid / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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The Philadelphia 76ers are currently on a freefall in the standings, thanks in large part to Joel Embiid still being sidelined due to injury amid a difficult schedule in the latter part of the season. With the playoffs now looming, there’s not a lot that team can do but two stay patient and hold out the best way they can as they await his fate.

Having said that, the team could’ve had a more seamless adjustment sans Embiid if their other big men stepped up. Unfortunately, the duo of Paul Reed and Mo Bamba has been as inconsistent as it can get, forcing Nick Nurse to trot out funky lineups just to mitigate his team’s lack of a reliable center to man the paint for longer periods of time.

The 76ers could have solved their big man problem earlier

In the weeks leading up to the trade deadline, which was a month ago, Philadelphia was reckoned to be on the lookout for reinforcements at the center position, acknowledging the deficiencies of Reed and Bamba. Unfortunately, the deadline lapsed without the 76ers getting their hands on one, and the buyout market isn’t teeming with must-sign players either.

Now, the team is stuck with what they have, and even if Embiid manages to return, they will remain vulnerable in light of the fact that he will most likely be limited anyway. That could be a death knell in the playoffs, where even the briefest of spurts could swing a game entirely.

To add insult to injury, the 76ers could have solved their big man conundrum earlier before the trade deadline, and the fact that they did not persevere on this trade is something they will definitely regret this season.

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