4 Trade targets for the 76ers that no one’s really talking about

The Philadelphia 76ers have been connected to the big names available, but here are four trade targets for them that no one’s really talking about.
76ers, Joel Embiid, Jerami Grant
76ers, Joel Embiid, Jerami Grant / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Kyle Kuzma could bring his flair to the 76ers

Another team that has apparently started going on a full-throttle vision to bottom out and rebuild is Washington, a franchise that has resisted a youth movement before this offseason. Thanks to them landing Alex Sarr in the recently concluded draft, they now have another viable piece to a young core they should be riding for the foreseeable future.

For veterans like Kyle Kuzma, however, that means getting ready to get traded at any instance. The Wizards have no practical purpose to keep him any longer, and phasing him out would equate to them extracting a great deal of assets from any team that wishes to have him aboard. And that “any team” could certainly mean the 76ers.

Within the context of Plan B’s and C’s, Philadelphia can still be well-served resorting to a high-end starter like Kuzma. Sure, he’s an inefficient scorer who can be subject to immature on-court moments in a vacuum, but he’s still one of the best non All-Stars in the NBA, boasts great length fitting the Nick Nurse archetype at the forward position, and plays an all-around game predicated on his much-improved court sense and above-average rebounding. Oh, and he has a championship ring.