76ers trade for veteran All-NBA defender in proposed three-player swap

The Philadelphia 76ers trade for this All-NBA defender in a recent proposal from Bleacher Report. We grade it.
76ers / Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports
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With the Philadelphia 76ers currently ailing due to numerous key players (most notably Joel Embiid) being bit by the injury bug, the pressure has now become much stronger for the front office to deliver on the transaction table, especially with the trade deadline now only a week away.

Previous prognostications of the 76ers potentially standing pat for the most part due to their early success — when healthy — should now come to rest. After all, the teams previously behind them are starting to creep up in the standings, giving them a pressing reason to size up and have a leg up against their rivals as they approach the midseason point.

With numerous key players injured, the 76ers are more likely to make a trade before the deadline

Fortunately for Philly, this year’s delegation of trade candidates find no shortage of talent on both ends. And with the franchise having a deep war chest of assets ranging from draft capital, expiring contracts, and dispensable young players, the safe bet is on the front office eventually managing to strike a deal one way or the other.

The 76ers were previously rumored to be in the market for more help in the backcourt, which has become an even more urgent thing to address due to Tyrese Maxey having nagging injuries as of late. Let’s examine and rate a trade proposal that has the team landing a veteran guard that can inarguably help them, especially in the playoffs.