76ers trade for veteran All-NBA defender in proposed three-player swap

The Philadelphia 76ers trade for this All-NBA defender in a recent proposal from Bleacher Report. We grade it.
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Why the 76ers should not trade for Alex Caruso

Normally, it would be quite a trek to pinpoint a specific reason not to trade for Alex Caruso, but the Philadelphia 76ers were recipients of a potentially season-changing development just recently in the form of Joel Embiid’s injury.

His MRI’s results are still pending, but should it show any grisly scenario, the 76ers’ plans in the trade market should have a seismic change. After all, despite organizational pressure to win a championship as soon as possible, it’s simply unwise to throw away draft picks if the diagnosis doesn’t favor Embiid.

In that case, the more sensible move would be for the 76ers to slowly move into being on seller mode before the deadline instead of being rampant buyers. Their core is set anyway, and with grander plans set on free agency, maintaining flexibility financially and assets-wise would set them up much better in the summer.

And while we’re nitpicking anyway, the fact that a logjam could also unfold either way could eventually prompt the 76ers to look elsewhere should they remain on the hunt. After all, they also need major insurance in the center position considering Embiid’s health.

Grade: A-

Nevertheless, this trade proposal is pretty harmless notwithstanding what happens with Embiid. The 76ers should jump at an opportunity to add any floor-raising role player, especially one who comes cheap and is not a mere late-season rental like Alex Caruso.

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