76ers trade for veteran sharpshooting forward in proposed three-player swap

76ers trade for veteran sharpshooting forward in this proposed three-player swap
James Wiseman, Marcus Morris Sr., Paul Reed
James Wiseman, Marcus Morris Sr., Paul Reed / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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Why the 76ers should trade for Bojan Bogdanovic

Sharpshooters with non-linear skill sets have always been too expensive, especially in the last few years. However, Bojan Bogdanovic stand out from the rest with his bargain and short-term contract, a play style that tends to age well, and his own veteran savvy.

Bogdanovic is currently imprisoned in a Pistons roster that tends to magnify his weaknesses, but on a less featured role, the veteran has already proven that he can thrive on the secondary or tertiary. Since 2017, which includes stints in Indiana and Utah, the 34-year-old has been among the most consistent scorers and gunners in the league, shooting over 38 percent from downtown in all those years, including five season where he canned north of 40 percent of his threes on good volume.

His three-point shooting alone gives the 76ers a new dimension, as he’s particularly proficient coming off screens and shooting off the dribble against mismatches. Beyond his shooting touch, Bogdanovic also offers considerable shot creation on all three levels, as well as viability as a connector, as especially seen in his tenure with the Jazz.

Defensively, his limited mobility limits the ground he can cover, but he’s become much better on that end since his Pacers tenure. He cannot be tasked with guarding quicker players, but he’s passable at worst when matched up against forwards who tend to rely on physicality to get into their spots. He’s also a capable team defender who can blend into concepts well by leveraging his court awareness to avoid getting out of position.

As the 76ers try to shore up cap space for flexibility, Bogdanovic’s contract also shouldn’t hurt. He only has a partial guarantee on his deal next season. Nevertheless, his deal can be easily moved beyond this season.