76ers veteran admits there’s a strong chance he gets traded this season

A key veteran for the Philadelphia 76ers admits that there is a strong possibility that he’s traded before the deadline.
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Regardless of how the daunting Joel Embiid situation unfolds, it’s a near guarantee that the Philadelphia 76ers will move the needle before the trade deadline. No matter how major or minor, there is a lot of work left for the front office as they either try to go all-in on a potential championship season, or set things up nicely for a better opportunity to improve during free agency.

Home to a slew of players on expiring contracts, the 76ers have the makings of both a possible buyer and seller in the market. As a result, one can typically find the team being embroiled in trade rumors, especially those involving big salaries and multiple cogs.

76ers veteran says he’s ready in case he’s traded before the deadline

One player widely expected to be shopped by the team before the deadline is veteran forward Marcus Morris Sr., who’s among the litany of players on expiring deals the 76ers have in-house. Morris is making a hair more than $17 million this season, making him an ideal salary-filler in case Philadelphia’s brass opt to chase an expensive target.

But having already been traded five times in his 13-year career, Morris is no stranger to donning new colors in the middle of the season. In fact, he said that he’s ready for the possible scenario of him once again being shipped to a new team.

"Honestly, to be real with you, like I’m a pro, man. So I just go into it with the same [stuff], man, to keep my body the same, because regardless of where I go, I’m still going to be able to help the team win if I’m going somewhere.

Being here 13 years gets you prepared for [stuff] like this. I’ve been on seven different teams. I’ve been traded a few times. I would be naive to act like I’d been surprised to get traded or some [stuff]."

Morris has settled in as a key rotation piece for the 76ers, primarily off the bench, after initially having a dangling role early on in the aftermath of the James Harden trade that sent him to his hometown team. But truthfully speaking, he’s far from indispensable, as the team has more than sufficient depth to cover for a potential trade involving him.

That being said, his veteran leadership and toughness on the court hasn’t gone unnoticed, and whether he gets traded or not, he’s sure to be an asset, whether that be in Philadelphia or elsewhere.

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