All-Star trade candidate just spurned the 76ers as a landing spot

Cleveland Cavaliers v Philadelphia 76ers
Cleveland Cavaliers v Philadelphia 76ers / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

The trade season is almost underway, and the Philadelphia 76ers will definitely be a team to watch as a big buyer for a long while before the deadline. With considerable draft capital up their sleeves in addition to their myriad of expiring contracts, the team is a near-lock to get something done on the transaction table.

Naturally, Philly will be on the lookout for stars that could end up becoming available for plucking via trade. Sure, there’s credence in the team simply staying put considering how they have played at full strength, but their relative fragility health-wise could actually be the prime reason why they could end up being an aggressive team on the hunt in the market.

Unfortunately, one of the 76ers’ potential trade targets just spurned the team as a landing spot, giving them one less star to realistically go after.

Potential 76ers trade target just spurned the team as a possible landing spot

To the same degree as how much the 76ers are pegged as buyers, the Bulls are widely anticipated to be sellers in the trade market. With Chicago playing uninspiring, lifeless basketball since the season began, the time is officially ticking for their current nucleus.

DeMar DeRozan, who is on an expiring contract, will undoubtedly be someone whom the Bulls will look to flip for assets to avoid losing him for nothing in free agency. Philadelphia has the framework asset-wise and basketball-wise to make the deal work, but the six-time All-Star reportedly has some other places in mind.

Sources say that DeRozan would prefer to be moved to New York or Miami in any trade scenario. While Chicago has maintained that they would prioritize finding a taker for Zach LaVine first, they would likely yield regardless if any of those teams put forth a hefty offer.

Going back, the 76ers don’t have a pressing need for DeRozan, but he’s not expected to be as expensive as other stars considering his contract situation, This makes him a perfect rental as a floor raiser at the least for a Philadelphia team that still belongs in the upper tier in the East.

Instead, it seems like DeRozan is more allured with becoming the Philly’s foe, as the Knicks and Heat are among the fiercest rivals the 76ers have in the league. Now, Daryl Morey and co. will have to similarly look elsewhere if they truly want to go star-hunting this season.

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