Former 76ers forward PJ Tucker cracks fans up with halftime break post

Former 76ers forward PJ Tucker lights up social media after he apparently posted an Instagram story during halftime break.
PJ Tucker
PJ Tucker / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

One of the players the Philadelphia 76ers had to dangle away in the James Harden trade was veteran forward PJ Tucker, an aging forward who was probably miscast as a starter at this point in his career. Now with the LA Clippers, his career seems to nearing its end, as he’s been relegated to a bystander for his newest club.

Tucker has since openly aired his frustration and his desire for a bigger role either with the Clippers or elsewhere. He hasn’t been traded yet, but one should not bet on him netting court time the rest of the way for his star-studded squad.

Former 76ers forward PJ Tuicker apparently posts Instagram story during halftime break

Having been a DNP-Coach’s Decision in the last 14 games entering Friday, Tucker was guaranteed to play the role of benchwarmer in the Clippers’ recent game against the Memphis Grizzlies. Indeed, he ended up not getting off from the bench, but he did manage to light up social media by apparently posting during… halftime break.

Give how he surely expected to not play, even in a blowout, it’s probably unsurprising at this rate that he took the initiative to hop into social media and post something so off-tangent from the game of basketball.

Safe to say, Tyronn Lue would probably keep him in his doghouse until a trade transpires. Unfortunately for the veteran, even his role on and production for the 76ers may not be enough to lure other clubs, as he still has an $11.5 million player option that he’s sure to exercise next season.

No offense to PJ Tucker, who was the ultimate competitor for the 76ers, a well-respected veteran, and an NBA champion, but he’s simply a shell of his former self. But hopefully, he and his camp manage to find a good resolution to his sitation in LA, instead for getting busy on mere chiropractor hunts.

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