Former All-NBA wing just hinted at the idea of signing with the 76ers

This former All-NBA wing may have just hinted at his interest of signing with the Philadelphia 76ers this offseason.
76ers, Nick Nurse
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The Philadelphia 76ers will be full-on hunters in free agency. No other clubs under a win-now edict touts an airier pocket than them, and their attractive core almost guarantees a high degree of external interest from a recruitment standpoint. Put simply, the 76ers should be a very attractive destination for most players hitting the open market.

In fact, a notable cog set to enter free agency may have just hinted at the prospect of signing with Philadelphia this offseason — a much welcome development for a front office that has only been rumored to be the ones on the tail end of the pursuit so far.

Klay Thompson seems open to signing with the 76ers in free agency

Klay Thompson, one of the more acclaimed free agents this summer, is widely considered to remain a Warrior. However, his waning role with the team, as well as Golden State’s not-so-bold commitment to securing him for the long run, could prompt him to think twice about staying in San Francisco.

In fact, Thompson could indeed bolt in free agency. According to The Athletic’s Anthony Slater, the five-time All-Star and two-time All-NBA wing is looking to win, even if that may not necessarily lead him to a grand payday.

"Thompson wants to win. Don’t expect him to chase the largest possible offer from the Detroit Pistons or Charlotte Hornets, even if that’s the correct financial or leverage move. But there are plenty of cap-space teams with a clearer upward path to contention than the Warriors. That includes the Oklahoma City Thunder, Philadelphia 76ers and Orlando Magic."

The 76ers do have the spending power to usher Thompson in for just his second team ever, but the former All-Star shouldn’t expect a largesse from the Philadelphia front office. If he’s serious about wanting to win — and deems Golden State to be incapable of doing that anymore — he will have to settle for a much lower salary range.

While his decline this season was well-pronounced, the interjections have become quite over-the-top. Playing just a shade less than 30 minutes per outing, Thompson still registered 17.9 points per game on 38.7 percent shooting from downtown, his numbers looking even better after getting realigned to a bench role.

Philly could still find a big use for Thompson. He’ll easily be a more versatile option over Buddy Hield, as well as a more consistent and steadier hand than Kelly Oubre Jr. As long as he’s willing to take a pay cut and come to terms with a potentially smaller role, the 76ers would be well-served letting him in.

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