Four reasons the 76ers should keep their eyes on Zach LaVine

The Sixers may be on the hunt for another offensive creator this summer to complement Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey. Daryl Morey should have Chicago's front office on speed dial.

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He can be acquired at a reasonable price

Zach LaVine
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LaVine wouldn't necessarily come cheap, but he could likely be had at a reasonable cost given his abilities. Coming off of injury next season, there is even a chance he could be had at a slight discount

Bidding for the Bulls' star would likely begin with a minimum of one first-round draft pick and either a promising young player or another first-round pick. With their current roster and the team expecting to be competitive in the near future, the Sixers would be better off going the route of giving up multiple picks rather than players.

LaVine is a talented player but he needs a certain type of roster structure in order to reach his full potential. This should drive down his price somewhat as there will be fewer teams in the bidding who will realistically offer fair value.

An offer of two first-round picks, one or two second-round picks, and maybe an end-of-the-bench player as a lottery ticket would realistically be enough to get this deal done. That is a more than fair offer for a player of LaVine’s caliber, and the Sixers should jump at the opportunity to make this deal if that is all it takes.