Four reasons the 76ers should keep their eyes on Zach LaVine

The Sixers may be on the hunt for another offensive creator this summer to complement Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey. Daryl Morey should have Chicago's front office on speed dial.

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He has the skillset to be a plus player on the defensive end

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skill setLaVine has yet to consistently prove it to this point in his career, but he has the skillset to be an elite defender. He has the length and the athleticism to play suffocating defense at the point of attack, and the height to prevent opposing guards from bullying him in the post. With his wingspan and agility, he can be a menace in the passing lanes, deflecting passes and creating steals. 

The situations he's been in through this point in his career have made it difficult for him to focus on the defensive end of the court. LaVine has often been tasked with being the team's primary offensive creator, and at some points, he has been the only credible initiator for his team. Not only does this increase his usage and tire him out, but it also allows defensive players to key in on stopping him. 

This in turn makes LaVine have to work even harder to get to his spots and make positive things happen for his team. This weighs on his efficiency, but it also saps his energy. It is understandable why he would feel the need to conserve energy defensively when his teammates rely so much on him to carry them at the offensive end. 

In Philly, LaVine would have plenty of scoring and playmaking talent around him to reduce the burden on him to create everything offensively. He would also be motivated, finally on a team that could legitimately win a ring. These two factors could help LaVine finally unlock the two-way star potential he has always had.