Grade the Trade: 76ers shake up the NBA in proposed 4-team blockbuster deal

The Philadelphia 76ers shake up the league in this proposed blockbuster mega deal. Let’s evaluate how this trade could fare for the team.
76ers, Joel Embiid, Tyrese Maxey
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Why the 76ers should trade for Jimmy Butler

As for why Philadelphia should laser in on Jimmy Butler and try to make a swing trade for him, the answer doesn’t need any beating around the bush — he’s Jimmy Butler, and even at his age, he’s still a legitimately elite two-way force who can be reliably banked on to be the team’s spearhead, especially for one as ambitious as the 76ers.

Butler has a tendency to cruise control during the regular season, but theoretically speaking, his streamlined production during that span would blend pretty well with his expected role with the 76ers as a tertiary scorer who can take over when needed and handle playmaking duties. Defensively, he’ll assume the role of anchor as he has the aptitude and gravitas to demand accountability from his teammates on that end.

More importantly, Butler is a huge presence that could easily get Philly over the hump by virtue of his mental toughness and ample playoff experience. He’sa big personality with an equally big influence as a difference-maker on both ends. Put simply, that he is Jimmy Butler is more than enough impetus to force the 76ers to move the needle assuming he’s truly made available.

In addition, for a player of his caliber, paying the price of three first-round picks and a pretty replaceable rotation piece in Paul Reed is actually a bit of a bargain. There’s little risk for the 76ers when looking at the moving parts.