Grade the Trade: 76ers make a savvy play for young wing in low-risk pitch

The Philadelphia 76ers make a savvy play and trade for this young win in this low-risk pitch. Let’s grade it.
76ers, Tyrese Maxey, Joel Embiid
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Why the 76ers shouldn’t do this trade

Unfortunately, the reasons provided as to why the 76ers should trade for Moody are purely based on his promise, a future version of himself. For now, there lies only a fickle argument for his ability to be a steady contributor on a team potentially just one big piece or breakout away from the championship. Put simply, Mooody remains a project piece.

But Philadelphia has minimal need to host a reclamation project. Players, especially lottery picks, should have already shown tangible growth three seasons into their careers, and Moody hasn’t quite shown any significant leap. Sure, there hasn’t been any attendant leap minutes-wise for him to showcase his development, but court time is earned, and he hasn’t earned his laurels to be a staple in Golden State.

It’s probably a red flag that Brandin Podziemski, a non-lottery selection by the Warriors this season, quickly usurped him in their pecking order. Hence, it would be a wiser move for the 76ers to simply draft a possible contributor at No. 16, even in a star-lacking class and unshackle them from being in a pressured position of also extending Moody beyond this season to justify their dangling of a draft asset.

Also, their draft pick could have better use cases, such as being annexed as a pot sweetener to snag a third star in sign-and-trade scenarios, or to make a play for a starting-caliber veteran to fill more pressing roster holes. Objectively speaking, it makes little sense for the 76ers to take a flier on a project piece when they can simply draft one.

Grade: C+

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