Joel Embiid dropped 70 points and you need this shirt


In basketball, some nights transcend the ordinary, etching themselves into the annals of sporting history. Last night was one such chapter, written by none other than the Philadelphia 76ers towering force, Joel Embiid.

In a dazzling display of skill, resilience, and sheer brilliance, Embiid left an indelible mark on the court by dropping a jaw-dropping 70 points.

Embiid broke Wilt Chamberlain's franchise record of 68 points in a single game and became just the ninth NBA player to score 70 points in a game.

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Joel Embiid 70
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What are the highest-scoring games in NBA history?

Wilt Chamberlain - 100 (1962)
Kobe Bryant - 81 (2006)
David Thompson - 73 (1978)
Damian Lillard - 71 (2023)
Donovan Mitchell - 71 (2023)
David Robinson - 71 (1994)
Elgin Baylor - 71 (1960)
Devin Booker - 70 (2017)
Joel Embiid - 70 (2024)

As you can see, the NBA has experienced five 70-point performances over the last 18 years. The other four games occurred between 1960 and 1994.

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