Kyle Lowry will be essential for the Sixers' playoff push

Buyout candidates aren't always key contributors for their new team. However, Kyle Lowry addresses several key needs for the Sixers. Here's why the Philadelphia native makes the 76ers true championship contenders.
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Lowry will help keep Maxey fresh

Kyle Lowry
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In Joel Embiid’s absence, Tyrese Maxey is Philadelphia’s most important player. Once Embiid returns, he will be the team’s best and most important player, but Maxey will be essential to any playoff success. This is because, in the modern NBA, you need an elite perimeter player to win.

As we have seen too many times in the past, teams will pester Joel in the postseason and refs will hold on to their whistles. A player who can create from the outside, either by pulling up from three or driving to the rim and scoring or creating open shots for teammates, is essential to playoff success. 

Maxey is that guy, but the Sixers can’t run him into the ground. This is where Lowry comes in. If Lowry can play between 10-20 effective minutes per game, the Sixers can reduce Maxey’s workload to around 30-32 minutes in the regular season and then 34-37 minutes in the postseason. This will help keep him healthy, fresh and playing at his highest level throughout a deep playoff run.