Kyle Lowry will be essential for the Sixers' playoff push

Buyout candidates aren't always key contributors for their new team. However, Kyle Lowry addresses several key needs for the Sixers. Here's why the Philadelphia native makes the 76ers true championship contenders.
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Lowry can serve as a mentor to Embiid and Maxey

Kyle Lowry
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Perhaps the way in which Lowry will contribute most to the Sixers’ success won’t even come from his contributions on the court, but from his veteran presence off the court and the knowledge he can provide.

Lowry has experienced postseason success, and he can share the wisdom that he has gained with Philly’s younger players, namely Embiid and Maxey. They have both had some ups and downs in the postseason, but Embiid has consistently seen a drop from his regular season performance. 

Part of this stems from the challenges associated with playing a series, which is a cat-and-mouse style of back-and-forth adjustments between the two teams. Embiid sometimes seems to get frustrated and let his emotions get the best of him, clouding his judgment and ability to adapt. Lowry can help “The Process'' keep a steady head and remain calm in the chaos of the postseason.