Latest 76ers intel hints at encouraging direction this offseason

The latest intel from the Philadelphia 76ers about the draft hints at their encouraging direction this offseason.
76ers, Nick Nurse
76ers, Nick Nurse / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Following another disappointing and early playoff ouster this season, the Philadelphia 76ers will go back to the drawing board as they try to retrace their steps in order to mount a more competitive title bid next season.

Fortunately for the team, the front office will have all the necessary tools to improve the roster this summer. From their boatload of cap space and tradable assets, the 76ers will have no shortage of attractive chips of their own that they can leverage to pluck a star from the market or pull off a trade for a high-caliber starter should they wish to do so.

Latest 76ers spill hints at aggressive stance this offseason

Aside from Philly’s war chest of liquid assets, many are forgetting that the team actually possesses a draft pick this year. Currently slated to pick 16th in the upcoming rookie draft, the 76ers have a really solid chance at adding a potential key contributor for the foreseeable future.

Not so fast. According to Bleacher Report’s Andrew Peters, the 76ers are actually widely expected to trade their own first-round selection this year in order to lure a star and sweeten the pot for what could be a potential blockbuster deal.

Normally, stowing away draft picks is a pretty risky deed, but the 76ers cannot really afford to play another waiting game and take a flier on a possible project piece. First, not only is the 2024 cop of rookies far from inspiring talent-wise, but head coach Nick Nurse also isn’t necessarily known for developing young players into tenable cogs.

Ultimately, the Philadelphia 76ers have to capitalize on their unique situation this offseason as a win-now team with a king-sized cap space to exhaust and go all-in. After all, if they want tou imbue more youth into their roster, there are better years to satisfy just that.

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