NBA Mock Draft Roundup: Evaluating the 7 best prospects for the 76ers

Following the NBA combine, mock drafts are running rampant. Here is a breakdown and evaluation of the seven best prospects mocked to the Philadelphia 76ers.
76ers, Isaiah Collier
76ers, Isaiah Collier / James Snook-USA TODAY Sports
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4. Ryan Dunn, Virginia (CBS, David Cobb)

Ryan Dunn has one specific calling card to his game, defense. His defensive statistics rank amongst the top in his conference. Listed at 6‘8”, he measured 6‘6” at the combine but showcased an impressive 7‘2” wingspan. Dunn coupled his length with an impressive standing vertical leap of 32” and maximal vertical leap of 38.5”. 

Defensively, Dunn demonstrates instincts and consistent engagement. He is on time and in position during defensive rotations. He maintains a low defensive stance to explode in any direction. He moves fluidly while changing directions and closes quickly on shooters. Although smaller than a typical front court player, he plays with leverage and physicality to compete on the block. He will benefit from ongoing strengthening to maintain advantageous positioning in the paint. He offers variable screen coverage options because of his athleticism and defensive tools disrupting an opposing team’s offensive rhythm.

As superb as Dunn’s defensive outlook is, his offensive ability is extremely limited. His jump shot is clunky and inconsistent. He doesn’t offer floor spacing ability and primarily contributes as an energy player on that side of the ball. His role is limited to rim running, offensive rebounding, and lane runner during transition opportunities. He is a multi-positional defensive specialist that can contribute early on for the 76ers. His offensive development is a mystery but has the potential to produce within a limited role for an extended period of time.