NBA Playoffs 2024 format, dates, rounds: Analyzing potential 76ers first-round foes

The Philadelphia 76ers are likely to qualify for the playoffs for the sixth straight year.

76ers, Tyrese Maxey, Jalen Brunson
76ers, Tyrese Maxey, Jalen Brunson / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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Potential first-round opponents for the 76ers

Milwaukee Bucks

Season Series: Bucks lead, 2-0

The Numbers: Milwaukee (4th in ORtg, 15th in DRtg) vs Philadelphia (6th in ORtg, 14th in DRtg)

After initially sputtering with Doc Rivers at the helm, the Bucks have won six straight games to catapult them to second place in the conference. Their star power has proven to be too great to overlook despite overarched beliefs of a decline for the team.

Milwaukee’s defense has been a rollercoaster ride all season long, but it seems to be peaking at the right time. Their offense remains as lethal as ever with Giannis being Giannis and Damian Lillard finding a more solid footing in the team’s attack, and their playoff experience is inarguably an asset for this veteran squad.

Philly played them well in the first game of the season, but the Bucks impose a huge challenge for them. Brook Lopez and Antetokounmpo are defensive savants inside, and while their perimeter defense can still be flimsy, their offense is one that can go fire for fire with any team in the association.